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Friday, July 10, 2020

Have you earned the right to a Goddess Bracelet? #LillianTodaro #BeadJewelry

For my birthday, Award-Winning Los Angeles Bead Artist Lillian Todaro gifted me with this custom made bracelet. Each bead and charm has a symbolic meaning, and Lilly included a diagram of what they mean and what they are. Sorry, you can't buy this one. But you can check out the rest of her amazingly spiritual collection at http://lilliantodaro.com.

For my interview with Lilly and to view the mouth-watering pics of her gorgeous creations, click here: Lillian Todaro's Pandemic Panic Survival Plan.

"Of course if someone wants to have a Goddess Bracelet made for someone they feel has earned it," says Lilly. "I am open to that."

And below are some photos of what it looks like draped over my crystal ball:

Why the butterfly?
"May you be surrounded by Blue Skies and Butterflies!"

Why the kitty?

Lilly knows I love cats. I didn't tell her that my Chinese astrological symbol was once known as "The Cat." But for me, no Goddess Bracelet would be complete without a feline!

My power colors! I didn't tell her. Lilly just knew.

Thank you so much, Lillian Todaro, for this great gift during this globally challenging period.

I will treasure it always. (Should I add "And hope to be worthy?" or is that too gag inducing?)

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