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Sunday, December 27, 2009


These photos are from the exhibition I attended with my Chinese friend Alice in Little Tokyo Nov. 14 at 222 S. Hewitt in Little Tokyo at the Maryknoll Japanese Catholic Center.

An artist friend of ours, Chutima Vichitnak had two batiks in the show which featured Japanese Yuzen, Tie Dye, Batik and Stencil work of 15 artists who have studied with Setsuko Hayashi. Below is Master Hayashi showing us some of her past work.

Hayashi's spiritual, often witty textile pieces reflect decades of learning her craft -- as well as a spiritual quest that this youthful Japanese woman modestly refers to, if asked.  I enjoyed the spirals in her designs as I work with spiral symbols in Reiki, and respect their ancient power.

Alice and I were Early Birds so we had Ms. Hayashi almost all to ourselves. She graciously took us aound and answered questions. Her bright smile reflected her joy in sharing this beautiful art with others at this annual event.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


The Mariachi Nueva Generacion has been playing masses at the Church of the Good Shepherd for a while. The church is in the heart of Beverly Hills,  a section of L.A. not known for honoring Latino culture, although that is clearly changing.

Pictured above is its band leader, Haitian Michelle Anglade. She is also the administrative assistant for this church.

It's a multicultural group made up of Japanese, Caucasian and yes, Latinos. Last Saturday, December 12, they played from the heart with skill and joy. I shot a little video until my camera ran out of juice. The videos are now on You Tube.

My friend Michael Hudson-Medina had brought me (and his violin). He sometimes plays with MNG.  His mother is a Mexican American teacher who retires this year. When he called to invite me, he said:

"This mariachi band I sometimes play with will be playing in Beverly Hills at a Catholic Church on Our Lady of Guadalupe Fiesta Day. I'll pick you up at 7:15 in the morning."

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