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Thursday, February 28, 2013


"It's like hitting the 'Reset Button,'" one of my newcomer clients said a couple days ago just 10 minutes into his introductory session, seemingly oblivious to the fact that all hell was breaking loose just outside the studio, as the Loudest Garbage Truck Ever had stopped in front of the studio's windows and was busy making noise that would go on for 15 minutes. 

The Reset Button. I like that. 

So the new campaign to get people in the door who might not otherwise hear of Reiki energetic balancing and healing is in full swing. And so is my great experiment to get out and meet people, hand them a flyer, and talk to them about the healing effects of Energy.

I feel a little like a door-to-door politician at this Election Time. It's not my style to go around asking people if they've ever had "Reiki" (Tibetan/Japanese Energetic Healing), and then proceed to tell them why they might love it. But so far it is quite rewarding. 

I will write more in the next post about the Performer's Relaxation Program ("Relax-the-Act"). But just wanted to show you the Studio's newest flyer (below) and get your response to it. 

Don't be shy...Let me know your thoughts. And if you just love it, please share with friends.

News Flash: 
A very satisfied regular client will be leaving town soon and moving back to her hometown. She's asked me if I will drive with her back East so that I can teach her friend self-healing with Reiki! Very flattering. She said, "We have other people who do Reiki here, but I told her that she really should learn it from you." And she offered to pay my expenses and air faire back to L.A. 

Will I take this generous offer? Hmmmmm....Not sure. But teachers live for moments like these.

Please contact me at LetReikiLightShine at yahoo dot com if you're interested in an intro session. And ask me about packages and discounts for referrals, etc.

In the meantime...Happy Healing to you all! Oh, and here is the newest flyer for the Studio:

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