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Marlan Warren is a journalist, novelist, editor, playwright, screenwriter, blogger, website designer, and publicist. She is the author of the fictionalized memoir, Roadmaps for the Sexually Challenged: All’s Not Fair in Love or War and the AIDS memoir, Rowing on a Corner. She reviews for Midwest Book Review. Marlan is also a filmmaker.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

"Big with Mercy": In praise and loving memory of George Weinberg-Harter


Note: This is not a bona fide obituary for my beloved friend, George Weiuberg-Harter. There are some excellent ones. Here are the links for them:

San Diego Union Obit

Welton Jones in San Diego Story

“One of the few who know who I really am has died.”
—What Don Draper, Mad Men, almost said

George Weinberg-Harter

Back in 2004, when I decided to answer the Call of Rural Kansas and leave L.A. with all its woes and narcissists behind, my longtime friend in San Diego, George Weinberg-Harter sent me the CD set for the Mahler music based on the poetry of Li Po, which I saw as the equivalent of "Don't let the door bang you on the butt on your way out, Marlan." Included in this was an e-mail with the lyrics to one of the songs, aptly titled:  

Saturday, November 5, 2016

How to Love a Writer

Painting by Setsuko Hayashki
Advice to the Lovelorn

If you value your privacy
 Do not date a writer.
If you have secrets
 Do not date a writer.
If you want to sneak around
 Do not date a writer.
If you want to lie your head off
 Do not date a writer.
If you want to see & not be seen
 Do not date a writer.
If you want calm and peace of mind
 Do not date a writer.
If you do not want to see yourself in Public
 Do not date a writer.
If you want to be cherished beyond all else
 Date a writer.
If you want to find new depths in intimacy
 Date a writer.
If you like the unexpected
 Date a writer.
If you accept your warts and all
 Date a writer.
If you do not care what she does as long as she’s with you
 Date a writer.

Advice to the Lovelorn, Warren, Marlan, November 5, 2016

[For Writers and the People & Animals Who Love Them.]

#poetry #writersinlove

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Interview with Rocker Monty Warren [No Depression Journal of Live Roots Rock]

Monty Warren without the Whatevers
Photo by Raymond Goodman
This interview was originally published online in The Journal of Live Roots Rock:
 No Depression:

On Oct. 22, roots rockers Monty Warren & The Friggin' Whatevers (MWFW) came together at Alligator Alley Native Florida Sub Pub & Tap Room in Oakland Park, Fla. to celebrate the launch of MWFW's newest CD, Far Out Close Up, and the birthdays of Monty Warren, Chuck Berry and local musician/bar owner, Kilmo Doome (aka Carl Pacillo).

"This CD was released on Keith Richards' birthday at the end of last year," said Warren. "But that was the official CD Launch Party because we finally found the time to appear on stage."

The Palm Beach Post named Far Out Close Up to its annual Best Music List in 2015.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Book Review: IMPERFECT ECHOES: Writing Truth and Justice with Capital Letters, lie and oppression with Small (Author: Carolyn Howard-Johnson)

Imperfect Echoes: Writing Truth and Justice with Capital Letters, lie and oppression with Small
Author: Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Paperback: 148 pages
Publisher: HowToDoItFrugally Publishing (August 25, 2015)
ISBN-13: 978-1515232490

Genres: Poetry Anthology/Social Justice
Available at: Amazon 



Narcissus knows her reflection
well. She forgets to peer
under burkas, in our jails,
in the beds of the abused,
deeper, deeper into the pond...
                                             —Howard-Johnson, Carolyn. Narcissus Revisited. Imperfect Echoes.

First things first, proceeds from sales of Imperfect Echoes: Writing Truth and Justice with Capital Letters, lie and oppression with Small are donated to the non-profit human rights watchdog, Amnesty International USA.

Reading Carolyn Howard-Johnson's Imperfect Echoes made me want to write poetry. This Los Angeles award-winning poet lays out the landscape of her contemplative thoughts, feelings and reactions with such honesty and deceptive simplicity that they have the effect of offering a peek into her private journals. Yes, it would be wonderful to succinctly express my impressions in a well-crafted poem; however, what puts this poetry on par with leaping tall buildings (and thus out of my novice's reach) is the fact that each poem herein manages the feat of conveying personal and universal relevance at once.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Title: The First Practical Handbook for Crazy People [Making the Best of Mental Illness]
Authors: Shelly Glaser with Sherry Glaser
Genre: Self-Help/Recovery/Mental Illness
Publisher: Mother's Milk Publications
Paperback: Pub. Sept. 6, 2016
ISBN: 978-0-692-76460-2   (90 pages)
Kindle E-Book: Pub. Aug. 4, 2016
ASIN: B01JTMPELO   (File Size: 308 KB)
Website: http://www.sherryglaser.net
Author Contact: sherryamore67@outlook.com

By Marlan Warren:

The Mother-Daughter Continuum
Continuum: noun (kƒn-tin'yoo- ƒm): A continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are not perceptibly different from each other, although the extremes are quite distinct, e.g., at the fast end of the fast-slow continuum.
--The First Practical Handbook for Crazy People [Making the Best of Mental Illness]

In the self-help tradition of Louise Hay’s New Thought books (“Heal Your Life”), comes The First Practical Handbook for Crazy People [Making the Best of Mental Illness]. It not only features tips from mental patient, Shelly Glaser, but the twist is that this handbook was not only posthumously published, but co-written with her daughter—award-winning performance artist and author, Sherry Glaser—after Shelly died.

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