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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Machos Tacos in Los Feliz: Lovely Back Garden Patio Photos & Yelp Review

Machos Tacos: Los Feliz, California

I've recently become addicted to the "secret" back garden patio of Machos Tacos, the fast food mecca in my Los Feliz neighborhood. Unlike its neighboring Overpriced Mediocre Hipster Eateries, this modest enterprise hits the mark every time for quality service and low-cost (actually healthy--no lard & not afraid of veggies) yummy South-of-the-Border treats.

No frills in the front. A sign in the window warns "CHIPS ARE NOT FREE!" (Well, they are if they come with a dish and it's not takeout). Friendly guy takes your order through a narrow window in what appears to be a kitchen made for two people--or maybe 1.5? When your order's ready, someone shouts it out (e.g., "Carnitas Tacos! Ready!")

This is a place where nobody knows your name. But they will smile at you anyway, and if there's time, they may even briefly chat or go an extra mile.

Last week I stopped by for their delicious carnitas tacos (love the roasted jalopeno peppers on the side!), and took some photos of this Urban Oasis they've got going on in the back. All photos by Marlan Warren, copyright protected.

My YELP Review:

I am definitely a fan.

I was here one afternoon eating and there was only one other table with customers (outdoor seating only). Must have been kind of quiet because the man who took my order came over and asked, "More chips?" I said yes. And expressed surprise that he goes an extra mile.

"Well, what we can do, we do," he said.

One day a woman on the street stopped me while I was waiting for my food and she said that she'd never eaten here but she had a friend who said the food was so great "He said he was going to name his first child after it."

I did complain recently when the service and the food fell below par when the owner was not around, and guess what? Both the service and the food rate 5 stars now.

There is nothing better than fast service with a friendly smile, paired with mouthwatering carne asada tacos (my favorite) , hot off the grill but not greasy and heaped with fresh guacamole, cilantro, onions, lime...and the best salsa this side of Tijuana. I'm very grateful that Machos Tacos works so hard at pleasing their loyal customers.

May they continue to live long and prosper!

#MachosTacos #LosFeliz #GreatMexicanFoodinL.A.

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