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Friday, April 10, 2015

NFL Quarterback-Turned-Designer Gibran Hamdan honors Augusta National with Masters Inspired Collection by Alial Fital: “It’s about standing out.”

Summary: For the month of April only, Seattle-based "artisanal designer" Gibran Hamdan, whose Alial Fital menswear tag line is “Stand Apart,” launched his 2015 Masters Inspired Collection of limited edition high-style polo shirts in honor of the Augusta National that is currently in full swing.

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Gibran Hamdan 
     “When they go, they’re gone,” said Seattle-based designer, Gibran Hamdan, referring to the limited edition high-styled polo shirts he regularly rolls out under his menswear label, Alial Fital. 
The former NFL Quarterback usually offers 100 of a newly designed style each week on his website. 
“Sometimes I might see a particular stripe on a car and it can end up on a shirt the next day,” Hamdan said.

     This month the eclectic designer, whose Alial Fital tag line is “Stand Apart,” bowed to the requests of loyal customers and in honor of the Augusta National that is currently in full swing, launched a follow-up to his successful 2013 Masters Inspired Collection for April only.

     "The 2013 Masters Collection sold out incredibly,” said Hamdan. "Alial Fital was sponsoring golf pro Bo Van Pelt who wore the shirts in the PGA Tour.”
Bo Van Pelt wins Perth International
    What is the key to designing the 2015 Masters Inspired Collection?

     "I had to toe the line between upholding the tradition that is Augusta National yet interject my Alial Fital perspective and uniqueness,” explained Hamdan. “I drew inspiration from styles that ranged from Michael Jordan's game-winning jumper for North Carolina to a James Bond tuxedo. Then blended them into a cohesive unit.”
2015 Masters Inspired AF Shirt
     Alial Fital’s styles may be limited in number, but their scope is wide. Hamdan recently honored his football roots with “The Spirit” polo—inspired by the Tennessee Titans. Last month Alial Fital featured a new style for its “pop art” Avant Garde series. What’s coming up are designs inspired by the Kentucky Derby and Wimbledon—events leading up to the June 15 Chambers Bay U.S. Open (near Tacoma, Wash.).

     “Our vertically integrated American Made production allows us to offer limited editions,” said Hamdan. “The customer gets a one-of-a-kind look, and it never lets me get bored or rest on my laurels.”

Alial Fital Ambassador Keith Lewis
     While the “Alial Fital” name may sound a tad “exotic” to American ears, Hamdan and his clothing line are all American. Born in San Diego, he graduated from Indiana University, and was the first person of Pakistani descent to play in the National Football League. “Alial Fital is actually my parents names spelled backwards,” he explained.

     Hamdan decided not to take the usual sportscaster route when he retired from football; and instead sat down at his wife’s sewing machine with his head brimming with ideas—and taught himself to sew. He shrugs off the Fashion Designer job description, preferring “Artisanal Designer.”

     Dictionary.com defines artisanal as Pertaining to or noting a high-quality or distinctive product made in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods.

AF Pop Art-Inspired Polos

     “One man bought 75 at one time,” Hamdan said. “These designs are not for everybody. The Stand Apart Movement is not about sticking out, it’s about standing out.”

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ALIAL FITAL ON VIMEO https://vimeo.com/90577654


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