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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Original Pantry

4 A.M. I'm trying to drive back to SF to pack up my worldly belongings and close up my apartment so I can drive back to L.A. and live, but as soon as I'm out the door, I realize that I am hungry and it's L.A. so where to eat breakfast at this hour? Light dawns. THE PANTRY..

Hadn't been there in five years but my car seemed to remember the way from Echo Park through Downtown streets. I parked the car in the free parking across the street and fairly danced into the warmth and friendly light of this welcoming diner on Figueroa Street.

Tony is still flipping scrambled eggs in his pan. They still come out buttery smooth, perfect for spreading on the thick grilled sourdough toast that is Trademark Pantry. For less than six bucks, I had a satisfying breakfast of a single scrambled egg, potatoes and toast. Alas, they hadn't yet "made" the salsa.

Even more satisfying was the fact that Tony remembered me. Saying hello as if it was only yesterday. "Long time, no see."

A word to the Wise...tip Tony. He deserves it. And next time, you'll have your eggs or pancakes before you've sipped your coffee.

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