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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Monty Warren & The Friggin Whatevers "Raise the Bar" with New CD: "Far Out Close Up"

Monty Warren retroactively bridges the gap between '70s pub rock/power pop and the arrivals of Tom Petty, Graham Parker and Elvis Costello…(the music is) effortlessly enjoyable, a virtue without expiration.
—Indy Week

Artists: Monty Warren & the Friggin Whatevers
Album Title:   Far Out Close Up
Label: Green Cheese Records
Release Date: 12/18/15
Producers: Monty Warren & Chris Taylor
Hometown: Raleigh, NC/West Palm Beach, FL
Genre: Roots Rock/Alt. Country

"It's Keef's birthday," Monty Warren said when we asked him why the South Florida/Raleigh, NC band, Monty Warren & the Friggin Whatevers, decided to release their third album, Far Out Close Up on December 18 last year. Just in time for the South Florida/Raleigh, NC's new LP CD to land on the Palm Beach Press' annual Best Music List.

We recently had a chance to catch up with lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Warren on one of his rare visits to Los Angeles, and get the "Full Monty" on everything from mysterious lyrics to influences that run the gamut from Paul Westerberg to Prince.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My new music video: "Grace of God" by Monty Warren -"Far Out Close Up" CD

“Grace of God” Music & Lyrics by ©Monty Warren
Mama grew up in a depression
10 years old in '32.
Left this world with one confession:
"There but for the Grace of God go you."

There but for the Grace of God go you.
You can end up like this too.
After all them years in school,
you're still acting like a tool.
There but for the Grace of God go you.

I barely heard what she was sayin'
She was just talkin' for her health.
Upon reflection she was prayin'
I stopped listenin' by myself.


And now you Fat Cat Politicians
Gotta miss a meal once in a while.
And work up some contrition
before your returnin' soul stands trial.


A Valentine to our beautiful but struggling divorced mother who rose up from the ashes with the support & devoted love of my brother, Monty Warren, who put his musical ambitions on hold to be able to keep her from following off the grid. In a recent interview, Monty stated that although it's the most "personal" song on the CD, much of it is left open to interpretation. So this is my "scrapbook" take on it via video. This is one of the few ballads on "Far Out Close Up" and has a lovely country/Woody Guthrie-type flavor to it.

Oh if you're so inclined, you can buy tunes/CD at iTunes & CD Baby -- Amazon too (please review at these sites if you like). 

Website: Monty Warren & The Friggin Whatevers

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