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Monday, May 9, 2016

My first article appeared in "No Depression Magazine" (Online Version) This Week

 "Grace of God" Music Video

No Depression Magazine  May 8, 2016 - Mother's Day

Monty Warren Raises Up Poor Mama and Puts Down Fat Cats with "Grace of God"

Mama grew up in a Depression
10 years old in '32
Left this world with a confession
There but for the Grace of God go you
--"Grace of God" by Monty Warren (Album: Far Out Close Up, Monty Warren & The Friggin Whatevers)

Every day is Mother's Day for Monty Warren, devoted son and dedicated roots rocker, whose alt-country/honky-tonk "Grace of God" graces Monty Warren & The Friggin Whatevers' Far Out Close Up (an LP CD released last year on Keith Richards' birthday).

"I'd rather people take away their own meanings," Warren stated during our recent phone interview. "But 'Grace of God' is one of the most personal songs I've ever written."

Since it is Mother's Day and I am Monty Warren's sister, it seems fitting that this should be my first contribution to No Depression. The life events that helped create "Grace of God" involve our mother's nosedive into near-poverty after our parents' divorce, and homelessness while my brother was a Pre-Law undergraduate at Emory University. Being newly arrived and temporarily homeless myself in California, there was nothing I could do when my brother called to tell me. So Monty moved Mom into his student living quarters. His roommate, Victor Reyes (aka "Judge Vic" the harp player on all three of The Friggin Whatevers' albums) gave a big thumbs-up to what had to be an incredibly difficult living arrangement.

That is how much heart they had. And how much heart echoes throughout "Grace of God."

When I asked Monty what ignited his passion for roots rock, he answered, "The music you played for me before I knew how to curse." In fact, our history is so much like Cameron Crowe's film, Almost Famous, that he called me from Florida when it came out to say, "You have to see this!" Years later, I did see it, and the beginning is a mirror image of our own story. Mom and I were always at odds. Her instability and mood swings scared the heck out of me. When I finally fled to Boston in the early 70s, I left my albums behind, not realizing that my much younger brother--who sang Beatles songs in public when he was two, and played the drums in our living room while listening to Beatles' tunes--was falling deeply in love with what we now call "roots rock."

Although he always had a garage band going and the occasional gig at a County Fair, Monty stuck to his lucrative "day job," making sure with every breath he took that Mom not only had a roof over her head, but in her later years, a lavish assisted-living home that had a canal running through the courtyard with swans! Not to mention the excellent medical care he made sure she received when she had her psychotic break and stroke that took away most of her speech but not her laughter.

It was not until 2008, after Trudy Warren passed away from cancer (Monty was at her bedside for that, too) that he made long overdue forays with a creative fervor that stunned the seasoned musicians who came out of the ethers to help make the foot-stomping, heartbreaking sound that is Monty Warren & The Friggin Whatevers. To date, three albums have rolled out: Trailer Park Angel (2008), Let's Go to Therapy (2012) and Far Out Close Up (Dec. 18, 2015).

And now you Fat Cat Politicians
Gotta miss a meal once in a while.
And work up some contrition
before your returnin' soul stands trial.

I don't know if Monty Warren would rather be remembered as a great rock musician or a son who saved his mother's life, but both are right up there with the Grace of God. Our mother--who played the piano by ear until she could save enough money for piano lessons and who would break into a dance in the supermarket when her favorite song came on and who played "Twilight Time" when she was nine months pregnant with Monty while Hurricane Donna raged outside and who told us we could do anything because we were so smart and talented--would have been proud to know her son not only wanted her to be happy, but to honor her.

From gritty foot-stompers to jangly roots and blues belters to acousticmelancholy, Warren brims with a rare and raw musical sincerity.
--Vex Magazine

Retroactively bridges the gap between '70s pub rock/power pop and the arrivals of Tom Petty, Graham Parker and Elvis Costello…effortlessly enjoyable, a virtue without expiration.--Indy Week

Listen to Far Out Close Up on No Depression New Release Page:

Monty Warren & The Friggin Whatevers Website:

"Grace of God" YouTube Video by Marlan Warren features family photos:

“Grace of God” Lyrics by ©Monty Warren
Mama grew up in a depression
10 years old in '32.
Left this world with one confession:
"There but for the Grace of God go you."

There but for the Grace of God go you.
You can end up like this too.
After all them years in school,
you're still acting like a tool.
There but for the Grace of God go you.

I barely heard what she was sayin'
She was just talkin' for her health.
Upon reflection she was prayin'
I stopped listenin' by myself.


And now you Fat Cat Politicians
Gotta miss a meal once in a while.
And work up some contrition
before your returnin' soul stands trial.


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Yuri Kochiyama Interview 2009 Segment: "What did you do in the War, Mama...

For the first time since I've been working on this film (since Dec 2008) I was finally able to find a way to post a segment to YouTube (7 min.) that shows the actual video. Very grateful to the Movie Maker software I've been able to put onto this aging computer--although there's no way for me to actually edit the footage yet., This helps anyone who is interested or has donated $ to see what the film would include. Here Yuri at age 87 reads missives from the correspondence campaign she led at age 20 from behind the barbed wire of a U.S. concentration camp, to lift the morale of soldiers and in so doing, lift the morale of herself and the women & girls who participated during their World War II incarceration. Won't you please take a look, leave a comment, donate or whatever moves you to do. Thank you! Many blessings!  
Movie Website:

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tucson, Lock Up Your Conservatives! Here comes Sherry Glaser!

Sherry's "Taking the High Road" 
to the Tucson Fringe Festival!

Don't miss this one-woman show by comedian Sherry Glaser! 
Americans for Safe Access

Sherry Glaser's ability to breathe life into her characters allowed the audience to journey with her as she morphed from person to person.Cannabis Now Magazine

A groundbreaking show.Clovis Thorn, Director of Development, Drug Policy Alliance

by Sherry Glaser
Mendocino, CA Performance Artist

What: Tucson Fringe Festival

Club Congress (Hotel Congress)
311 E. Congress Street
Tucson, AZ 85701

Saturday 1/16 1pm
Saturday 1/16 5:30pm
Sunday 1/17 3pm

Appropriate for: 18+

Tickets: $10
Available for pick-up at the box office or online at Tucson Fringe Festival

As the Legalization of Pot dawns, Sherry Glaser comes to Tucson fresh from Northern California's Emerald Triangle to shed some light on the end of the "drug war" as her lively, heartfelt characters share their unique experiences with this "notorious" plant.

The show had its New York debut in 2015 as a benefit for Drug Policy Alliance's Compassionate Care New York. Glaser's poignantly hilarious FAMILY SECRETS, holds the title of the Longest Running One-Woman Off-Broadway show.

Solo Performer/Playwright: Sherry Glaser
Director: Ricci Dedola
Producer: Love In It Productions
Website: http://www.sherryglaser.com 
Publicist: Roadmap Communications / memoircity@gmail.com
Media Kit: http://takingthehighroadmediakit.blogspot.com

When Life gives you Feds busting down your door, arresting you and your family, seizing your assets—all because of an herbal plant—if your name is Sherry Glaser, you will make Comedy.

Act One of TAKING THE HIGH ROAD features such well-meaning characters as Rose Fisher, an 80-year old Jewish lady who convinces a doctor to write a prescription for medical marijuana for her cancer-ridden husband and herself (“For my PMS…Post Menopausal Syndrome…It’s forever!”). Rose embarks on a bittersweet journey from Brooklyn to a New Jersey dispensary (“I’ll have the vanilla kush with sprinkles”), and ends up on a New York subway in handcuffs after a cop spots her pot.

In Act Two, Glaser “comes out” as herself with her own truths about her experiences as a “potwife” who faced multiple challenges, not the least of which was the Spring 2014 multi-agency raid, targeting Glaser who is one of the founders of the Mendocino pot co-op, Love In It.

“Act Two is about the Power of Catharsis,” says Glaser. “I deal directly with the raid, and other terrible disasters like my Gay Divorce being final three days after the Supreme Court decided to legalize Gay Marriage in all 50 states. I’ve decided to take the ‘High Road’—which to me means choosing a path that does no harm to yourself or anyone else.
Each character has a definite, yet surprising, relationship to marijuana...So the show can appeal not only to hipsters, but also patients facing life threatening diseases, and anyone struggling with mental health in a world gone mad.”

So will there be nudity? Glaser’s Breasts Not Bombs Peace Movement has caused a stir over the years during protests where women protest half-naked to proclaim that war, not “boobs,” is indecent.

“I’m only baring my soul in this one," says Glaser.

Video Clip: Grandma Rose on PMS, Pot & Handcuffs.


Monday, December 21, 2015

Monty Warren & Friggin Whatevers named to Palm Beach Post's 2015 Fave Music List: Album #3 "FAR OUT CLOSE UP"

Artist: Monty Warren & the Friggin Whatevers
Title: Far Out Close Up
Release Date: 12/18/15
Genre: Roots Rock with a heartfelt/ironic chewy center.
Producers: Monty Warren & Chris Taylor (Green Cheese Records)
Hometown: Raleigh, N.C./West Palm Beach, Fla.
Booking Contact: Monty Warren (561) 762-3009 [monty60@icloud.com]
Press Contact: Roadmap Communications [memoircity@gmail.com]
Website: http://www.montywarren.com
Media Kit: http://montywarrenmediakit.blogspot.com
Available at Amazon; CDBaby; SoundCloud

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa. Skidding under the wire, just in time for Xmas and Keith Richards’ birthday (not in that order), Green Cheese Records announces the launch of Monty Warren & The Friggin Whatevers' third album "Far Out Close Up" (released 12/18/15).

“And that ain’t all,” says “Far Out Close Up” co-producer Chris Taylor. “The Palm Beach Post (PBP) just named Monty Warren & The Friggin’ Whatevers (MW&TFW) to its Fave Music List for 2015.” In 2012, PBP named the artists’ sophomore album “Let’s Go to Therapy” Best Rock Roots CD. Their debut album “Trailer Park Angel” was named Best Florida Band Roots Music CD of 2008 by PBP.

“Might as well face it,” says the band’s co-producer, head writer and front man, Monty Warren. “We’re on a roll.”

"Ever wonder what Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, Paul Westerberg and Steve Jordan would sound like in a band together? Listen to Monty Warren & The Friggin Whatevers.”—The Palm Beach Post

“We just might be the best band you’ve never heard of,” jokes John Beemiller, the MW&TFW guitarist who co-wrote “Raise the Bar,” “Into the Light” and “Doublecrosses” with Warren. The core players play Raleigh, N.C. venues whenever Warren can get away from his thriving Florida law practice while their albums continue to soar in popularity with fans posting such online gems as:

“Good ol' Rock-n-Roll. I wish there were more tunes like this being produced.”—Radio Airplay

So who the heck is Monty Warren?

A 2008 interview with Country Standard Time’s Rick Cornell put it best: “What if, instead of heading for L.A. in the '70s in pursuit of a record deal, Tom Petty put his rock 'n' roll dreams on hold to support his mother for 20 years until she passed away?” In a nutshell, that is Warren’s story. After learning his divorced mother was living in her car while he was at Emory University in Atlanta, Warren vowed to become a successful attorney so she would never go hungry again. His “Grace of God” pays homage to Trudy Warren, and is, in his words, ‘The most direct song on the record”:

“Mama grew up in a Depression / 10 years old in 32 / Left this world with one confession / ‘There but for the Grace of God go you.’”—Monty Warren, “Grace of God”

In 2007, Fate brought Warren face to face with seasoned musicians Terry Anderson & The Olympic Ass-Kickin' Team (“Battleship Chains” and “I Love You Period”). After hearing the songs on Warren’s demo, they insisted on helping him make his first record, “Trailer Park Angel.”

And the rest, as they say, is Roots Rock History.

One more thing: If you want to buy “Trailer Park Angel”…it is sold out. The same goes for the band’s 2013 EP “Have Yerself a Merry Friggin Christmas.” So sorry, Virginia.

Monty Warren: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Harmonica
The Whatevers: Chris Taylor: Bass, Guitars, Pedal Steel, Percussion; Ryan Weidenfeld: Drums, Percussion; John Beemiller: Guitars; Phil Wolff: Vocals, Guitar; Dayna Blitz: Vocals; Dave Bartholomew: Drums; Keith Christopher: Bass; Victor I. Reyes: Harmonica; Jesse Huebner: Bass; Bill Meredith: Drums 

Album Cover Design: Paul Friedrich

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