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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sherry Glaser’s Herbal Cathartic Comedy “Taking The High Road—Comic Confessions From Behind The Cannabis Curtain” Plays Benefit for Drug Policy Alliance, New York (9/19)

Taking The High Road—Comic Confessions From Behind The Cannabis Curtain
Solo Performer/Playwright: Sherry Glaser
Director: Ricci Dedola
Producer: Love In It Productions
For mature audiences.

Saturday, Sept. 19 at 8 p.m.
The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory
104 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10011
(Do not call the theater)

Tickets: $25.00 - Order from Ovation  
Show Info: (562) 882-7709
Proceeds go to benefit Compassionate Care (
A project of Drug Policy Alliance (

When Life gives you Feds busting down your door, arresting you and your family, seizing your assets—all because of an herbal plant—if your name is Sherry Glaser, you will make Comedy.

On Saturday, Sept. 19 at 8 p.m., Glaser—whose award-winning “Family Secrets” holds the title of the longest running one-woman show in Off-Broadway history—will perform her solo show “Taking The High Road: Comic Confessions From Behind The Cannabis Curtain” at The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory in New York, as a benefit for non-profit Drug Policy Alliance’s Compassionate Care NY project.

Glaser's ability to breathe life into her characters allowed the audience to journey with her
 as she morphed from person to person.
Cannabis Now Magazine

Monday, August 24, 2015

Here She Comes Again: Off-Broadway Star and Prodigal Daughter Sherry Glaser Returns to New York with “Oh My Goddess!” and “Taking the High Road” Solo Shows (9/18 and 9/19)

Summary: Sherry Glaser, whose “Family Secrets” holds the title of the longest running one-woman show in Off-Broadway history, closed up shop 20 years ago to settle in Mendocino, Calif. with her director husband and kids. But when the wife-husband team were in the midst of previews for a new solo show (“Oh My Goddess!”) that seemed New York bound…Glaser’s husband vanished and her life crashed. On Sept. 18 the unsinkable Sherry Glaser returns to New York Theater with “Oh My Goddess!” at the United Solo Festival. The next night, Sept. 19, she shares her very personal “Taking the High Road: Comic Confessions from behind the Cannabis Curtain” at The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory as a benefit for Drug Policy Alliance.


“Oh My Goddess: A Comedy of Biblical Proportions”
Performer/Writer: Sherry Glaser
Director: Ricci Dedola
Producer: Love In It Productions
Friday, Sept. 18 at 9 p.m.
2015 United Solo Festival
410 West 42nd Street (Theatre Row)
New York, New York
Tickets: Theater Row Box Office
or via (212-239-6200)
$19.25 ($1.25 theatre restoration charge included)
Recommended for teens, adults, seniors, LGBTQ community, ethnic communities (Jewish, Hispanic) and anyone who just loves good theater.

Sherry Glaser Website |
| @sherryglaser

Publicist | Marlan Warren | Roadmap Communications
(323) 347-6762
| |

“All day long it’s ‘God this’ and ‘God that’…It’s all about The Father,” says Sherry Glaser, star of the one-woman show, “Oh My Goddess: A Comedy of Biblical Proportions.” “Well, what about The Mother? How would our world be different if that Feminine Nurturing Power was as revered and acknowledged as Masculine Force?” Glaser’s show, which answers that question while asking others, is slated to descend upon New York at the United Solo Festival (USF) Friday, Sept. 18 at 9 p.m. for one performance only.

Sherry Glaser’s award-winning multiple-character “Family Secrets” took Off-Broadway by storm in 1995 and still holds the title of the longest running one-woman show in its history.

“When we closed ‘Family Secrets,’ my husband Greg Howells and I moved to Northern California with our two young children,” says Glaser. “Greg had been very involved in the creation of that show and he also directed it for the New York stage.”

Together they birthed a new show which brings back God’s Better Half—“the Jewish Mother of us all”—who wakes up after a 5,000 year nap to check on her children. Directed by Howells, the show ran previews in Los Angeles as “The Second Coming,” as well as in Northern California. Positive response was so strong they again found themselves on the brink of taking a show to New York.

Could history repeat itself?

“Then Greg vanished into thin air,” Glaser says. “In the middle of previews.  And I fell apart.” Her devastation brought all the theater plans to a crashing halt.

Flash Forward 20 years later.

“I’m going home for the holidays,” jokes Glaser, referring to the High Holy Days in September that will be celebrated while she is in the Big Apple with not one, but two shows; and the native New Yorker will set foot once again on New York stages to share her special brand of grist from the Glaser Mill.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Sherry Glaser’s “Taking the High Road—Comic Confessions from Behind the Cannabis Curtain” will land at Arcata Playhouse Sept. 11: “In a world gone mad.”

Taking the High Road—Comic Confessions from Behind the Cannabis Curtain
Solo Performer/Playwright: Sherry Glaser
Director: Ricci Dedola
Producer: Love In It Productions
When : Fri., Sept. 11 at 8pm
Arcata Playhouse
1251 9th St, Arcata, CA 95521
(707) 822-1575
Brown Paper Tickets: To Order Tix

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

You have to be THIS smart to read this book: "The Frugal Editor" by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Summary: What sets THE FRUGAL EDITOR apart from the pack of standard grammar/style reference books already available is the ease and simplicity with which it presents a ton of well-organized information. With humor and high intelligence, Howard-Johnson covers an impressive variety of topics vital to every author's survival in 18 chapters, seven appendices and one very accessible index that can help a harried do-it-yourself editor quickly find an answer to a pressing editorial question.
I received a complimentary e-book of THE FRUGAL EDITOR from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. A version might be posted on Carolyn Howard-Johnson's blog The New Book Review.
The Frugal Editor: Do-it-yourself editing secrets for authors: From your query letter to final manuscript to the marketing of your bestseller. 

·  Author: Carolyn Howard-Johnson

·  Series: HowToDoItFrugally Series of Books for Writers

·  Paperback: 288 pages

·  Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2d Edition) (4/3/15)

·  ISBN-13: 978-1505712117

·Available on Amazon     

Book Review by Marlan Warren

THE FRUGAL EDITOR fell into my lap like the proverbial manna from heaven. I received the e-book from author Carolyn Howard-Johnson, in exchange for an honest review.

Like most writers and editors, I worry a lot about punctuation, grammar, style and elusive typos. Author and seasoned publicist/journalist, Carolyn Howard-Johnson, offers a Table of Contents that is in itself a work of art with such promising and funny titles such as:
  • "Getting Cute with Caps"
  • "Effusive Italics"
  • "Quotationl Marks for the Two-Dumb Reader"
  • "Ellipsis Dots Gone Wild"
  • "What About Those Double Adjectives?"
What I found inside this comprehensive handbook is a well organized wealth of information that covers the most common editing questions that may still niggle even the most seasoned of editors.

Friday, June 26, 2015


Title: Wrestling with the Devil
Authors: Antonio Russo and Tonya Russo Hamilton
Publisher: Gemelli Press
Date of Pub.: April 15, 2012
Genre: Memoir / Italian American / Italian Immigrant
ISBN 978-0982-102398 (Hard Cover)
ASIN: B008EWZ0TW (Kindle)

I had an outlet for my demons.
--Antonio Russo

Be not fooled by the staring young boy on the cover or the word "wrestling" in the title of Wrestling with the Devil (A Story of Sacrifice, Survival and Triumph from the Hills of Naples to the Hall of Fame) by Antonio Russo as told to his daughter, Tonya Russo Hamilton. This is a memoir with something for everyone, Italian Wrestler or not.

Wrestling with the Devil takes us along the simple-but-not-easy path that Russo took to Honor and the fulfillment of his Destiny. If filmmaker Martin Scorcese had not made a film about a raging bull of a boxer who cannot love, and made this story instead, it would have given American audiences a rare "insider" view of one determined man's journey from Italian boyhood to an Italian "American Graffiti-meets-Rebel Without a Cause" immigrant adolescence in Portland, Oregon to a miraculous college wrestling scholarship and finally, to a successful coaching career and induction into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

We are treated to a slice-of-Italian-American-Life in the 50s and 60s with all the warmth and family confusion, goodwill, great food and "immigrant drive for success" that such a cultural experience often entails.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Is that a Confederate Flag Scarf or Are You Just Happy to See Me?: United Daughters of the Confederacy Tried to "Mend Fences" with Slavery History (2006 Picnic)

UDC Picnic at Pennytown: Photo by Marlan Warren

March 2006: Unpublished Feature for Newspaper in Marshall, Missouri by Marlan Warren
United Daugthers of the Confederacy visit first black settlement site in Missouri:
"Our mother told us if there was ever a fire, grab a box of records and run..."

   There isn’t much left of Pennytown anymore. But when Virginia Huston looks at its vacant landscape, she sees more than just meadows, a church and a house. She sees memories that must be preserved.

   Huston was the last person born in Pennytown, a black settlement located eight miles southeast of Marshall that was started by Joe Penny in 19871 when he managed to purchase eight acres for $160.

   “What is unique about Pennytown is that it was started by a freed-slave,” Huston said.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015

CMC's Veteran Hair Etcetra and Hip Twist Salon to Combine Beauty Forces

CMC's Veteran Hair Etcetra and Hip Twist Salon to Combine Beauty Forces

For the past 50 years, visitors entering the Fashion District's California Market Center (CMC) may not have realized that a beauty salon is on the second floor, quietly servicing industry celebrities who slip in and out, and anyone else in need of beautifying. Expert stylist Connie Moran was there two years after it opened, and took it over from the second owner 38 years ago, renaming it Hair Shop Etcetra. This month Moran announced the sad news that the high-end salon will close its doors forever on June 31. And the glad news that it will reopen July 1 in the Twist by Oliver salon located downstairs in the outer lobby of the CMC.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Pro Golfers' AssoPGA Tour Style Report's Dads & Grads Gift Guide features Alial Fital Pop Art Polos: "Hip and sophisticated."

This month the unique boutique brand Alial Fital--the innovative golf apparel line for the "Stand Apart Gentleman"--found itself at the top of the list in the PGA Tour Style Insider "Dads and Grads Gift Guide." The guide suggests 15 gift ideas for the well-dressed golfer, including designs by Stance, ECCO J. Lindsberg, Dunny, Puma, Devereux and QED.

"I suggested Alial Fital's pop art collection because it is hip enough for the grad and sophisticated enough for the dad," said Greg Monteforte who helms the PGA Tour Style Report. "Alial Fital styles cross demographic lines thanks to their clean aesthetics, unique details and contemporary fits."

Pop art and golf may not be the first association that pops into most people's minds, but this has not been the case with Alial Fital's "artisanal designer," Gibran Hamdan who has always felt drawn to that artistic movement of the mid to late 1950s with its bold colors, distinct shapes and playful themes.

Monday, June 1, 2015

"SILENCE REVIEW": Quick, lively & poignant read about Teen Queen's Royal Hunt for Biological Father (Lakeview Novel Series Sequel)

     Like all the Lakeview novels, Silence emphasizes the vital importance of family and "extended family" connections. This quick, lively and poignant read explores that special longing felt by many adopted children: to know their biological parents. This novelette sequel to Hush brings back Blakely Henry, now a graduate of Lakeview Academy who juggles her new life as queen of a fictional Mediterranean country with college and her hunky fiancé. Her adoptive American parents are on hand to help out, and it's touching how supportive they are of Blakely's deep need to meet her biological father.

     Author Stacey R. Campbell has meticulously crafted characters who come to life on the page so well that you feel you know them. She keeps the tone light, and is unafraid of tackling painful memories or events that ensue as Blakely's search intensifies. Details such as the excellent pasta dishes the castle cook can whip up for her pleasure enhance the pleasures of this story which has one foot in "fairy tale" and the other in "reality."

     What makes this journey so much fun is how much everyone involved cares. Blakely's whole family plus her fiancé accompany her on this tough journey which leads them through some beautiful parts of France. As always, Campbell writes multiple points of view, and tips us off to the Truth before the heroine discovers it--building suspense about what will happen after all the cards are on the table.

     Silence is glamorous fun (how much easier our lives would be if we all had our own "royal stylist"), and at the same time, it is down to earth about skeletons in family closets and how they choose to handle them. This is one of those sequels you can read without reading the novel that it follows (Hush), although it will make you want to go back and read the full story of how the adopted Blakely Henry came to find out she is the only surviving blood relative of an assassinated monarchy that now needs her help.

Title: Silence (Novella 1, Lakeview Novel Series)
Author: Stacey R. Campbell
Publisher: Green Darner Press (May 28, 2015)
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Amazon Kindle Only   55 pages       $.99
Available at:

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