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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Dog Walker on Winona Blvd. 7/17/17

Yesterday afternoon, 7/24/17, as I walked home on Winona
Blvd. in Los Feliz, I witnessed this dog walker who had this arthritic dog in
its harness and the dog was crying in pain as the guy tried to hurry it along
by moving rather quickly around the grass by the sidewalk. I recognized the dog
and its harness because it is usually being "walked" on the grass on
the opposite side of the street. It is a wide and rather busy street, so I
wondered how it got across. Was it carried? Slowly dragged across the asphalt?
And why was it crying out? I had always seen it calm with the walker barely
moving. I tried to ask the walker what was going on, but he flew into
temper--and his replies made little sense. He kept yelling something about
"Are you accusing me of putting the dog in the sun?" (They were under
a tree). And 'Mind your own business. Do you even own a dog?" At first, he
said the dog was ill and full of gas, which was why it was crying out. But I
could see that every time he abruptly pulled up on the harness to drag the dog
along in a circle, and that caused the cries. The walker kept ordering me
around: "Take a video!" And he even called the owner while I stood
there (although he kept telling me not to wait) and complained that I was
making accusations. I went to my place, got my point-and-shoot camera, and
returned. I took one still shot and then began videotaping. This made him yell
at me: "Don't just take pictures! Take a video!" I kept going, and he
might have gotten afraid that it was indeed video because he stopped. Just
stood there, blocking my view of the dog with his backside. Then he dragged the
dog behind a tree. I got a closeup of the dog's tongue hanging out of its mouth
in the 90 degree heat. And it gives a few weak cries. Not as badly as when I
first saw them. I plan to notify the owner (someone else told me her name is
Valentina and gave me her address). Praying for this dog's peace and safety.

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