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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Video Clip: My 10-Minute Play: Staged Reading by Athena Cats Theater Collective (Santa Monica)

UPDATE: Nope, you cannot see the video because Athena Cats producers and the actors made me remove it. In fact, what has transpired since my play was performed in a staged reading turns out to be quite a little 10-min. play in itself. More will be revealed.


Thank you so much, Athena Cats, for including my 10-min. play, Chasing Sangha, in your New Works Festival yesterday (4/8/17) at the City Garage in Santa Monica! Here's a very brief (approx. 2 min.) video clip that I managed to capture near the beginning. Wish it could have been longer. The director, Katherine James, did an awesome job of directing these wonderful actors: D.J. Harner (Sheila), Katherine Griffith (Barb), and Alan Blumenfeld (Noh Player/Multiple Roles). A staged reading with a couple of rehearsals, but they nailed it! Very grateful!

Chasing Sangha Summary:

Sheila, after her divorce and a self-imposed exile, longs for sangha (the Buddhist concept of home). "If a mountain lion leaves her fellow lions -- her sangha -- and goes down to the village alone, she will be killed." After she meets Barb at a Buddhist ashram, Sheila impulsively offers to chaperone Barb on her quest in the wilderness.

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