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Monday, June 1, 2015

"SILENCE REVIEW": Quick, lively & poignant read about Teen Queen's Royal Hunt for Biological Father (Lakeview Novel Series Sequel)

     Like all the Lakeview novels, Silence emphasizes the vital importance of family and "extended family" connections. This quick, lively and poignant read explores that special longing felt by many adopted children: to know their biological parents. This novelette sequel to Hush brings back Blakely Henry, now a graduate of Lakeview Academy who juggles her new life as queen of a fictional Mediterranean country with college and her hunky fiancé. Her adoptive American parents are on hand to help out, and it's touching how supportive they are of Blakely's deep need to meet her biological father.

     Author Stacey R. Campbell has meticulously crafted characters who come to life on the page so well that you feel you know them. She keeps the tone light, and is unafraid of tackling painful memories or events that ensue as Blakely's search intensifies. Details such as the excellent pasta dishes the castle cook can whip up for her pleasure enhance the pleasures of this story which has one foot in "fairy tale" and the other in "reality."

     What makes this journey so much fun is how much everyone involved cares. Blakely's whole family plus her fiancé accompany her on this tough journey which leads them through some beautiful parts of France. As always, Campbell writes multiple points of view, and tips us off to the Truth before the heroine discovers it--building suspense about what will happen after all the cards are on the table.

     Silence is glamorous fun (how much easier our lives would be if we all had our own "royal stylist"), and at the same time, it is down to earth about skeletons in family closets and how they choose to handle them. This is one of those sequels you can read without reading the novel that it follows (Hush), although it will make you want to go back and read the full story of how the adopted Blakely Henry came to find out she is the only surviving blood relative of an assassinated monarchy that now needs her help.

Title: Silence (Novella 1, Lakeview Novel Series)
Author: Stacey R. Campbell
Publisher: Green Darner Press (May 28, 2015)
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Amazon Kindle Only   55 pages       $.99
Available at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00YGCAR1K

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