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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

HOW I NEARLY KILLED MYSELF ON THE WORST L.A. SIDEWALK: City allocates billions today to repair.

Right Hand

On December 26, the day after Christmas, while on an early morning walk with a friend, I tripped on the jagged edge of cement on an L.A. sidewalk that was pushed up at a sharp angle by huge roots of what I believe to be a trio of very old and beautiful carob trees. I took some pictures which I'll post soon. You can view them on the webpage for KABC. 

I just found the interview I did with Tom Perumean that was broadcast on KABC. Here's the link:

My left wrist had a hairline fracture and my right wrist had also sustained injury. Below is the bloody proof of the havoc this fall wreaked. I was very fortunate because the healing was relatively rapid; and although I fell face forward, my hands caught the impact--not my face.

I called the City Department that handles this and they immediately sent out employees to evaluate the situation and then to cut down two of the worst offending trees. They left a third intact. I was really sorry to see them cut down to stumps. 

All that was left were stumps and the tree roots themselves. The sidewalk cracks were filled with useless asphalt, leaving the sharp and treacherous angles of the walkway. I hope that is soon fixed.

Left wrist

Tom Perumean just sent me this news via Facebook:

"MARLAN: LA City settles sidewalk lawsuit! One billion dollars to fix 11,000 miles of sidewalks in LA. Broken sidewalks and curb ramps are coming. 30 year fix program!"

Good news. 

I did not file a claim. It seemed like more trouble than it might be worth. The hands and wrists are okay now. The trauma remains. 

May it not happen to anyone again in this town.

Bloody Fingertip

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