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Sunday, December 27, 2009


These photos are from the exhibition I attended with my Chinese friend Alice in Little Tokyo Nov. 14 at 222 S. Hewitt in Little Tokyo at the Maryknoll Japanese Catholic Center.

An artist friend of ours, Chutima Vichitnak had two batiks in the show which featured Japanese Yuzen, Tie Dye, Batik and Stencil work of 15 artists who have studied with Setsuko Hayashi. Below is Master Hayashi showing us some of her past work.

Hayashi's spiritual, often witty textile pieces reflect decades of learning her craft -- as well as a spiritual quest that this youthful Japanese woman modestly refers to, if asked.  I enjoyed the spirals in her designs as I work with spiral symbols in Reiki, and respect their ancient power.

Alice and I were Early Birds so we had Ms. Hayashi almost all to ourselves. She graciously took us aound and answered questions. Her bright smile reflected her joy in sharing this beautiful art with others at this annual event.

A few more people came in around noon, refreshments appeared. And we were befriended by a charming Japanese woman who was bilingual. She told me that Ms. Hayashi requested my help with the English titles.

This one above is, I believe we agreed is "Snail Leaping Out of the Ocean" (or something like that).
The one below is from a poster she did for a dance troupe:

Below is one of the lovely batiks made by our talented Thai friend Chutima Vichitnak. We used to do Tai Chi together in the early Chinatown mornings all those years ago. Chutima also runs a thriving Thai massage  biz.

Below is a photo of a kimono that made me want to fall on my knees with humility. Truly magnificent.
I missed the name of the artist. Will give credit as soon as I know it.

I can't imagine having the patience to learn this craft and the talent to implement this art form. Truly awe-inspiring. Please support these wonderful artists!

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