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Marlan Warren is a free-lance publicist who promotes entertainers and book authors (Roadmap Communications and Book Publicity by Marlan, respectively). She is also a film maker (Roadmap Productions), Reiki Master/Teacher (Light Hands Reiki Studio and Institute), Screenwriter, Novelist, PhotoJournalist, Tai Chi practitioner. 

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My life, your life, our lives inside and outside of Los Angeles and its angels.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Angels in the City of Angels

My stay in L.A. has been made pleasant by the presence of my friends' children (and dogs, cats, etc.) as well as their own dear selves. Here's a collage of what I'm talkin' about. I've enjoyed taking their photos and playing with them.

Life is too short for regrets. In another lifetime, I would have had my own kids. But in this one, I'm happy to enjoy these little angels.

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